Hi Loves! 
Welcome to Mila Lei Boutique. I wanted to share with you the story behind Mila Lei, and what it means to me and my family and what you can expect from the brand.
So, Mila Lei was the name I had picked out if I was ever blessed with a baby girl. My husband and I were set that this was our chosen name if and when we were blessed with her. It turns out God had a bit of a different plan for us, he blessed us with two AMAZING boys, Troy & Kingston. After my second child was born I experienced a few complications and from that I am no longer able to have anymore children. I have my girl now and her name is Mila Lei Boutique.
This boutique is Latina owned and proud. Inspired by every women across the globe. Most importantly, the idea that EVERY gal deserves to feel and look stunning, everywhere. You're beautiful in every way possible.
Thanks for supporting a small business, babes!
Jessenia Duarte
Founder, Mila Lei Boutique